Cover ImageWinter 2004 (Vol. 85, No. 4)

Table of Contents


Comrade Khrushchev and Farmer Garst: Summit in an Iowa Cornfield
by Stephen J. Frese

It’s Not Every Day You Get to Call the Son of a Soviet Leader
by Stephen J. Frese

A Gamble for Freedom: Frances Overton and the Underground Railroad in Grinnell
by Rebecca Conard

A Tour of Iowa’s 20th-Century Architecture
by Barbara Mitchell, with photographs by Cameron Campbell

Every Building in its Best Form
by Cameron Campbell

Symbolic Trees and Practical Tree Care: The Iowa Arbor Day Manuals
by Lori Vermaas

Yearly Index
by Marvin Bergman


Front Porch: Two visitors to Iowa: one very visible Soviet premier in 1959, and one runaway enslaved person in 1858.

Reading the Past: Jane Addams Comes of Age
by Marvin Bergman

One in a Million: According to a rare book published in 1844, printers could buy “metal ornaments” to illustrate advertisements for tools, livestock, furniture, and runaway slaves.