Cover ImageFall 2005 (Vol. 86, No. 3)

Table of Contents


Marshalltown’s Henry Anson: Town Builder & Land Speculator
Land speculation in Iowa exceeded that of any other state.
Here’s the story of one ambitious speculator.
by Michael W. Vogt

Prairie Vignettes
Hunting and humor in early Marshall County.

The Lincoln Highway’s Seedling Mile
The struggle for a “stretch of beautiful white roadway.”
by Leah D. Rogers and Clare L. Kernek

Stereographs and Lantern Slides Along the Lincoln Highway:
Classroom Views of Iowa in the 1930s and 1940s

What should U.S. children know about Iowa? Keystone View Company
had the answers.
by Paul C. Juhl

The Thrill and Magic of Audio-Visual Day in a 1950s School
Pull down the shades. Turn off the lights. Cast your eyes
upon a new educational technique.
by Paul C. Juhl

Early Laptop?
Out on the job with county agent Ben Stevenson.
by Ginalie Swaim

Pleasures of the Victorian Parlor
Victorians spent their leisure time in the finest room of the house.
by Ginalie Swaim


Front Porch: Fond memories of a plain old gravel road.

One in a Million: How a 1903 book of Victorian entertainment ideas is useful to us today.