Cover ImageSpring 2006 (Vol. 87, No. 1)
Collector's Issue: Baseball in Iowa

Table of Contents


Iowa's Passion for the Game

Baseball Mania Strikes Iowa

Iowa Women in Baseball

Hometowns of Iowa's Major Leaguers

The Cincinnati Red Stockings and Cal McVey, Iowa's First Professional Baseball Player

Baseball Card Images of Iowa's Hall of Famers

Warming Up Feller

Not Yet Ready for the Big Leagues: The 1875 Keokuk Westerns, Iowa's First Professional Baseball Team

The Waterloo Mullens and the White Sox

Boosting the Home Team

Bud Fowler: Iowa's First African American Professional, and the 1885 Keokuks

African Americans in Iowa Baseball

Hocksy and Hoop

Kids Rule the Diamond

Sports Sites: The Old Ball Park

Wilkie: James Leslie Wilkinson and the Iowa Years Town Teams