Cover ImageFall 2008 (Vol. 89, No.3)

Table of Contents


Blessed be the Interurban
by Ginalie Swaim

Iowa’s Brightest Railway Project:
The Creston, Winterset & Des Moines Railroad, 1907-1920
by H. Roger Grant

Schools Left Behind
by Michael P. Harker, photographer

Earning My Way in Iowa: Prologue to a Career in Sound
by Leo Beranek

Wrestling in Iowa: The Legacy of Frank Gotch and Farmer Burns
by Clare L. Kernek and Leah D. Rogers

Dan Gable: World’s Greatest Wrestler
by Clare L. Kernek and Leah D. Rogers

Historic Sites in Iowa Wrestling

Abraham Flexner and Medical Education in Iowa
by James Hill

One in a Million
A cardboard dial for practicing semaphore
by Bill Johnson